Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

A research update of adventure therapy (1992-1995): Challenge activities and ropes courses, Wilderness expeditions, and residential camping programs
Gillis, H.L. and Thomsen, D.
Coalition for Education in the Outdoor Research Symposium Proceedings, (3rd, Bradford Woods, Indiana, January 12-14, 1996).

Review of adventure therapy research with recommendations for future research

Review of adventure therapy research with recommendations for future research

Two studies related to residential camping were included:

  • Caram (1994): subjects were at-risk elementary school students. Program description rather than research; perceptions of educators, parents and community connected longevity of program to leadership of executive director.
  • Larsen (1992): subjects were schizophrenics; results indicate greater preference by schizophrenics for highly enclosed and complex outdoor environments.

Collection of adventure therapy research results into one document that will highlight accomplishments and effectiveness.

  • Recommendations for future research included:
  • Meta-analysis addressing the efficacy of adventure therapy across populations, problems and contexts.
  • Survey that will highlight similarities and differences in activity based, expedition, and residential camping adventure therapy.
  • Standardize adventure therapy research abstracts so that the same information will be available for each study.
  • Explore questions about competence of adventure therapy leaders, including how this competence is achieved and recognized.
  • Conduct a retrospective and prospective survey with a large sample. The survey should elicit behavioral and global improvement information, as well as information about the effectiveness of adventure therapy.