Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Predictors of Peer Relationships and Adaption to Summer Camp
Hanna, Nancy Arlene
Thesis. Purdue University 1994

Explore how past and present friendships, peer relations, and social characteristics effect adaptation to summer camp.

118 adolescents (53 male, 65 female), ages 11-16, predominantly white.

Pre-test questionnaire including the following subscales from Harter's Self-Perception Profile for Children: social acceptance subscale, athletic competence subscale, scholastic competence subscale, and global self-worth subscale. Post-test questionnaire included measures of peer acceptance and friendship at camp, camp evaluations, and adaptation to camp.


  • Significant relationship between camp friendship and peer relations.
  • Significant correlation between prior friendships and peer relations and friendships at camp.
  • Significant correlation between positive social skills and peer group relationships, not correlated to positive camp friendships.
  • Significant positive correlation between physical attractiveness and camp friendship and peer relations.
  • Athletic ability and scholastic competence not related to camp friendship or peer acceptance.
  • No significant correlation between self-esteem and camp friendship or peer relations.
  • No significant relationship between evaluations of camp and camp friendship or peer relations.
  • Attending camp with a friend significantly related to general expectations and evaluations of camp for male subjects, related to peer acceptance for female subjects.