Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

The Effects of an Outdoor Adventure Camp Experience on Self-Concept
Hazelworth, M.S., Wilson, B.E.
Journal of Environmental Education, 21.4 (1990) 33-37

Evaluation of coed outdoor adventure camp program designed to increase camper's self-concept.

39 campers, ages 12-15 participating in a 9 day outdoor adventure program. Gender information about the sample group is not provided. Four 9-day sessions are evaluated during the first 6 preparatory days leading to the outdoor adventure experience.

Pre-, Post- test, Tennessee Self-Concept Scale (measures 9 self-concept areas including physical, moral-ethical, personal, family, social, identity, self-satisfaction, behavior and self-criticism.)


  • Session 1: No significant change in self-concept in any measured areas.
  • Session 2: Significant positive change of self-concept in family.
  • Session 3: Significant positive change of self-concept in moral-ethical views and family.
  • Session 4: Significant positive self-concept change in moral-ethical and social areas.
    • Significant negative change of self-concept in self-criticism.
  • Overall: Significant positive self-concept change in moral-ethical, identity, and self- satisfaction.