Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Summer camp treatment program for autistic children.
Hung, D.W. and Thelander, M J.
Exceptional Children: Journal of the International Council for Exceptional Children, 44.7 (1978), 534-536.

Determine the effectiveness of a training program in a three-week residential camp setting on the self help skills, language skills, generalization of language from training to non-training settings and reduction of undesirable behaviors for autistic children.

15 autistic boys and three autistic girls, ages five years, 11 months to 13 years. Mean age was nine years, six months.

Method: Camp program consisted of four structured classes each day in language, special education, swimming, and social interaction, and other activities such as campfires, hikes, boating, trips, singing, dances, and finger painting.

Instruments: no detailed descriptions about data collection methods or instruments were given. Counselors filled out nightly reports recording the children's self help progress and results of all training trials.

Design: no description of design was given.

Data Analysis: number of children improving 15% or more in each of the categories was recorded.


  • 79% of the training programs given to the children (unclear as to how this was calculated) produced improvement of 15% or greater.
  • Every child improved 15% or more in at least one area of treatment during camp.