Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Interrelationships Among Decentering and Behavioral Ratings in a Therapeutic Camp Setting
Keller, H. R., et-al
Journal of Genetic Psychology, 129.1 ()113-120

Examine how role taking skills and interpersonal skills are related. Assess the impact, of a therapeutic program designed to modify problem behaviors on decentering.

23 children, ages 10-13, labeled as emotionally disturbed, attending a 7-week residential camp program designed to modify behavior problems. 14 children involved in a summer remedial education program served as a control group.

Pre-, post- test, Feffer's Role Taking Task (RTT) using 4 cards from Children's Apperception Test (CAT-Human Figures), 33-item behavior checklist, sociometric ratings by counselors and peers, final evaluations (18-item list).


  • No significant differences between experimental and control group pre-tests.
  • No significant change in decentering for either experimental or control group in post-tests.
  • Significant correlation between behavior checklist, Role Taking Task and social effectiveness.
  • No other significant correlations found.
  • "...failed to demonstrate that decentering could be altered as a result of an intense socialization experience."