Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Self Perception Changes Among Sports Camp Participants
Kishton, J.M., & Dixon, A.C.
Journal of Social Psychology, 135.2 (1995) 135-141

Assessment of participation by at-risk, lower income children in a sports camp and changes in self-concepts.

74 children (42 male, 32 female), ages 10-16, majority from lower income families, 92% African American, participating in a 5-week summer sports camp.

Self Perception Profile for Children (SPP) given as pre- and post-tests, measures six specific subareas: scholastic competence, social acceptance, athletic competence, physical appearance, behavioral conduct, and global self-worth. Group leaders also rated the subjects at the end of camp using rating questions provided on the SPP.


  • Females pre-test scores significantly higher than males scores on social acceptance, behavioral conduct and global self-worth.
  • Females post-test scores higher than males only on behavioral conduct scale.
  • Females post-test scores significantly lower than the pre-test scores on total Self-Perception Profile and on subscales of social acceptance, behavioral conduct and global self-worth.
  • Females rated higher in over ratings and on all subscales by group leaders at the end of camp.