Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Self concept change among adolescents with myelomeningocele in response to a summer camp experience.
Lutkemeier, D.M.
Doctoral Dissertation, University of Cincinnati, 1979.

Investigate the effect of an eight-week summer camp experience on the self-concept of eight adolescents with myelomeningocele.

16 subjects, ages 12-16, eight with myelomeningocele and eight without.

Instrument: Tennessee Self Concept Scale

Design: pre-test/post-test. Eight adolescents in the control group and eight in the treatment group. Four males and four females in each group.

Method: The eight-week camp program focused on parent counseling, self-care training, and social interaction training. The camp program ran from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM three days/week. The daily schedule included classes and recreational activities.

Data Analysis: ANCOVA used to compare experimental and control group post-test self concept scores. T-tests for differences between sample mean and population mean used to compare pre-test scores with TSCS norms.


  • No significant differences between groups on the post-test self concept scores.
  • Significant differences between myelomeningocele subjects and TSCS norms on total self-concept. Subjects scored lower than the TSCS norms on self-concept.