Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Third Research Symposium Proceedings
McAvoy, Leo H. et al -Editors
Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Symposium Proceedings. January 1996

Collection of research reports and essays on topics related to outdoor education.

Included are:

  • Research in Outdoor Education: Our Place on the Porch, Alan Ewert
  • Outdoor Education and the Schools, Bert Horwood
  • Outdoor Education and Spirituality, Tom Smith
  • Ethical Frameworks, Moral Practices and Outdoor Education, Karen M. Fox and Mick Lautt
  • Providing an Authentic Wilderness Experience? Thinking Beyond the Wilderness Act of 1964, William T Borrie and Joseph W. Roggenbuck
  • Person-Place Engagement Among Recreation Visitors, Iris B. Wilson
  • Responsible Environmental Behavior: Metaphoric Transference of Minimum Impact Ideology, J. Porter Hammitt and Wayne Freimund
  • Group Development and Group Dynamics in Outdoor Education, Leo McAvoy, Denise S. Mitten, L. Allison Stringer, James P. Steckart, and Kraig Sproles
  • A Research Summary for Corporate Adventure Training (CAT) and Experience Based Training and Development (EBTD), Simon Priest
  • A Research Update of Adventure Therapy (1992-1995): Challenge Activities and Ropes Courses, Wilderness Expeditions, and Residential Camping Programs, H.L."Lee" Gillis and Donna Thomsen
  • Integrating Outdoor Leadership Education into the Academic Setting, Pamela E. Foti
  • Interactive Behaviors Between Students and Instructors in the Outdoors, Christine Cashel
  • "Kind of in the Middle: The Gendered Meanings of the Outdoors for Women Students,
  • Karla Henderson, Sherry Winn, and Nina S. Roberts
  • The Current Status of Women's Employment in Outdoor Leadership, T.A. Loeffler
  • The Permanency of a Specific Self-Concept, Alan N. Wright
  • Evaluating the Impact of Environmental Interpretation: A Review of Three Research Studies, Doug Knapp
  • Personality Preferences of Outdoor Participants, Christine Cashel, Diane Montgomery and Suzie Lane
  • Teaching and Evaluating Outdoor Ethics Programs: Setting a Research Agenda, Bruce E. Matthews