Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

A Comparative Study of Children in a Summer Day Camp for Sensory Motor Development
Montgomery, W.H.
Unpublished master's thesis, California State University, Long Beach, 1973.


Determine the effect of participation in a summer day camp on children's motor development.

Subjects: 46 children ages 5-11. All were diagnosed with at least one of a number of movement and coordination problems. Camp Affiliation: Day camp sponsored by California State Long Beach Men's Physical Education Department.

Method: Camp Program: 5-week program, Monday-Friday, 3 hours/day. Activities were designed to develop basic motor patterns, body image, balance, rhythm, game and sports skills. Crafts and socialization activities were also included.


  • Frostig Movement Skills Test: measures motor skills such as eye-hand coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and visually guided movement skills.

  • California Test of Personality: measures personality constructs such as self-reliance, personal worth, personal freedom, belonging, withdrawing tendencies, nervous symptoms, social standards, social skills, anti-social tendencies, family relations, and school relations.

  • Draw-A-Person Test: measures body image.

Design: pretest/posttest design.

Data Analysis: Frostig and California Personality test data were analyzed using the t-test for uncorrelated means.


  • Significant improvement in sensory motor skills.

  • Minimal positive effect on personality.

  • No effect on body image.