Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

The Influence of the Tent Counselor on the Creativity of Children in a Residential Camp
Myers, Carol Smith. 
Dissertation. Indiana University, Bloomington 1986

Determine if children participating in a residential camp experience change in creativity and to what extent counselors influence observed changes.

74 campers, ages 10-13 attending a residential girls camp, middle or upper class family background. 15 female counselors.

Pre-, post-test (Exception: Report of Camper Behavior completed weekly), Counselor profile, Demonstrator Form of Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, Group Inventory for Finding Interests (GIFFI), Ideal Child Checklist, Children's Report of Counselor Behavior Inventory (CRCBI), revised by Chenery, Children's Report of Counselor Acceptance of Camper Creative Behaviors (adapted from CRCBI), Campers Report of Counselor Creative Behavior, Camper characteristics, Group Inventory for Finding Creative Talent (GIFT), Report on Camper Behavior (revision of Scales for the Rating of Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students)


  • Significant increase in creative attitudes.
  • Significant increase in creative thinking.
  • No significant change in stories or creative drawings.
  • No association between counselors and creative skills.