Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

An attempt to make a difference: Overlooked disadvantaged gifted Appalachian children
Nielson, B.
Roeper Review, 16.1, 1993, 62-64

Determine to what extent participation in a summer camp for gifted children would impact the lives of disadvantaged gifted Appalachian children.

Subjects: 30 disadvantaged, gifted children from the Appalachian regions of East Tennessee.
Camp Affiliation: Summer Institute for Gifted Children at Lincoln Memorial University in arrogate, Tennessee.

Method: Children participated in a two-week residential camp experience. The camp offered more than 75 different academic courses. The disadvantaged children participated in the camp experience with 130 other non-disadvantaged, gifted children.

Instruments and Design: This was a qualitative study. Data were collected during camp by observation, and before and after camp through the use of open-ended interviews and narrative questionnaires.

Conclusions Suggested from the Data:

  • Intellect proved to be a much stronger bond than economics in relationships among campers of different economic classes.
  • All of the disadvantaged children reported feeling special, accepted, and part of the larger camp group.
  • There seemed to be a fairly even split between those children who benefited most from the intellectual part of the experience and those who benefited most from the social aspect of the experience.
  • Many of the disadvantaged children kept in touch with other campers by mail and phone during the year following the experience.