Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

A Comprehensive Cognitively and Affectively Enriched Summer Day Camp for Inner-City Children
Portnoy, S., Halpern, P.D., & Linblad, M.
Proceedings from the 81st Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, 8 (1973) 959-960

Assessment of a summer program designed to achieve specified educational and social outcomes.

40 inner city children, low socioeconomic background, 1st to 3rd grade, in good mental health, with no behavioral problems. 4-week day camp.

Pre-, post-test, Rutgers Drawing Test (form A), Similarities Subtest of the WPPSI, Draw-a-Person Task..


  • Significant increase in visual-motor functioning.
  • Significant increase in abstract conceptual thinking.
  • Significant increase in self-image and self-worth.