Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Carryover effects of a summer therapeutic daycamp program on children's classroom behavior: A one-year follow-up
Ritter, D. and Mock, T..
Journal of School Psychology, 18.4 (1980), pp. 333-337

Determine the impact of a summer therapeutic day camp on the subsequent classroom behavior of behaviorally disordered children.

31 behaviorally disordered children. 17 in treatment group, (10 boys, 7 girls ages 91-148 months). 14 in control group, (5 boys, 9 girls, ages 94-146 months).

Method: Six-week, four days/week, four hours/day camp program combining recreational activities and therapeutic treatment. Campers participated in one overnight each week. There was one weekly family evening when parents and children were together for dinner, discussion, and activities.

Instrument: Classroom Adjustment Rating Scale.

Design: Pre-test/post-test. Teachers completed the CARS for campers before camp and one year after camp.

Data Analysis: Paired t-test for within group pre-test/post-test differences. ANCOVA for differences on change scores between groups.


  • Treatment group achieved significant positive changes on overall adjustment, acting out, and withdrawal behavior.
  • No significant changes for treatment group on learning.
  • No significant changes for control group.
  • Treatment group significantly better than control group on overall adjustment, acting out, and withdrawal behavior.