Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

The Influence of a Special Camp Program for Obese Boys on Weight Loss, Self Concept and Body Image
Rohrbacher, Richard
Dissertation. Boston University 1971

Examine a camp program designed for obese boys and explore the association between weight loss and positive changes in self-concept and body image.

210 boys, ages 8-18, attending one of seventeen 4-week camps.

Pre-, post-test, 16 week follow up. Body Cathexis Test, Self Cathexis Test, Body weight measurements, boy height measurements.


  • No significant association between weight loss during camp and positive self-concept or body image changes.
  • Post-camp weight change positively associated with change in body image. No association with change in self-concept.
  • Subject maturation level associated with body image and self-concept changes during camp. No association with weight loss retention success or failure and maturation level after camp period.
  • Subjects with one or both parents obese lost more weight than subjects with no parental obesity. No association between parental obesity and weight loss, self-concept or body image changes during follow up.
  • Long term linear trend of weight gain found to be affected by the camp program.