Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Effects of a multicomponent intervention program on reducing health risk in obese children
Ward, Dover, Porter, and Schumaker
Physical Educator, 45.1, (1988), pp. 44-51.

Determine effect of a multicomponent five-week intervention program on health risk factors associated with obesity.

13 children (4 boys, 9 girls) ages 8-14 years.

Method: Five-week summer day camp program consisting of supervised physical activity (aerobics and sport skill learning), behavior management instruction, nutrition education, and family involvement. Weekly parent sessions emphasized information on weight management.


  • Body fat assessed using two different skinfold measuring techniques.
  • Relative Body Weight
  • Nine-minute run for distance to assess cardiovascular fitness.
  • 60-second sit-ups to assess muscular endurance.
  • Sit and Reach test for flexibility.
  • Serum lipid and glucose level blood tests.
  • Blood pressure.

Design: Pre-test/post-test.


  • Significant positive changes in cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and flexibility.
  • No significant changes in blood lipid profiles
  • Significant positive changes in blood glucose levels.
  • Significant decrease in blood pressure
  • Significant positive changes in body composition.