Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

Bibliographies of Camp-related Research

The Opinions of Parents Regarding the Change in Attitudes, Concepts, and Personal Adjustment of Their Sons Through Personal Counseling at Summer Camps
Weatherly, Mark Givens
Dissertation. University of Virginia 1970

Examine the influence of a camp program offering personal counseling to the participants on the attitudes, concepts and personal adjustments of boys.

132 parents responded to a mail questionnaire. (175 questionnaires were mailed)

Questionnaire developed for the study consisting of questions in six areas:

  • Underachievement in school
  • Emotional conflicts
  • Physical limitations
  • Health considerations
  • Family situations
  • General development

Each area contained statements concerning changes parents had seen in their sons as a result of the camp experience. Response choices were More, Less, and Undecided or Not Applicable.


  • Significant positive change in general development (62.4%)
  • Significant positive change in underachievement in school (46.9%)
  • Significant positive change in emotional conflicts (41.5%)

"The field of camp counseling appears to show much promise toward aiding children in the accomplishment of developmental tasks, thereby promoting healthier attitudes and concepts in those who are maladjusted."