Compensation, Benefits, and Professional Development Report: 2013

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The American Camp Association (ACA) continues to support the importance of research efforts into the business of camp operations through an annual systematic survey process focused on important business aspects. The focus for 2012 was on the collection of staff compensation, benefit, and professional development information. The salary, compensation, and benefits, including professional development, information was gathered in the fall of 2012 in a survey of 1,350 camp owners and operators who were randomly selected based on stratified sampling to represent the almost 2,700 camps affiliated with the American Camp Association. A 31 percent response rate helps the reader understand:

  • Current salaries of full-time and seasonal camp employees as stratified by
    • day and resident operations
    • camps sponsored by agencies and governmental units, religious organizations, independent nonprofits and independent for-profits
    • camps from all regions of the U.S.A
    • annual revenue sizes
  • Benefits provided to year-round and seasonal staff and their cash value
  • Director salaries segmented by tenure in position, education, age, and gender
  • Expected salary increases for 2013
  • International staff compensation considerations
  • Professional development information for full-time and seasonal camp employees including
    • required professional development hours and documentation
    • methods used to  complete professional development
    • importance of continuing education credits (CECs)
    • incentives/benefits for completed professional development

This report contains the latest salary and professional development information for day camps and resident camps across the U.S. and is the most comprehensive study for camp personnel available to the industry. Three sets of information are provided for both day and resident camps.

Summary Information - is provided with graphs and charts to highlight similarities and differences by region and sponsorship including director base salaries, anticipated change in salaries, and other benefits provided along with their cash value. Similar information is provided for select other year-round positions as well as paid full-time seasonal positions. In addition, summary information is provided on professional development opportunities and expectations for full-time and seasonal staff.

Tables - provide specific information organized by sponsor group (agency, religious, independent for profit and independent nonprofit), region of the country (New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-America, Southern, and Western), and annual revenue categories. Tables include information on camp profile, director demographics and salary, director benefits, select year-round full-time staff salaries and benefits, seasonal staff and benefits, as well as professional development expectations, methods used, and incentives.

Appendix - provides more detailed information about the design, methodology, and analysis strategy used in this study.

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In addition to this salary study, information from the ACA Camp Compensation and Benefits Report: 2010 may be useful when determining trends. Other reports such as the ACA Camp Business Operations Report: 2012 and the ACA Camp Sites, Facilities, and Programs Report: 2011 may also be informative when evaluating your camp’s business model.