Briefing Papers and CARE Packages

ACA wants to help busy camp professionals remain current on the research around "hot topics" that may affect our programs and practices or may be helpful with grant applications or key messages around the importance of the camp experience. "Briefing Papers" and "CARE Packages" are resource sites that continue to be developed and updated. We welcome additional contributions! If interested, please contact Deb Bialeschki at

The "Briefing Papers" are short summaries of the current research on a particular topic. They provide key findings from camprelated research as well as research from other related fields such as sociology, psychology, social work, health sciences, and recreation. A bibliography is included for each topic for further followup.

"CARE Packages" are condensed research projects that offer direct applications to the camp environment. These two page summaries focus on what the research findings mean for camps with recommendations for ways camp professionals can apply the information.

For additional briefing papers produced by the Sequor Youth Development Initiative (located at Texas A&M University), please visit their website: