Camper Growth Instrument — National Outcomes Study

While conducting the National Outcomes study, ACA developed several new instruments that measured camper outcomes from the perspective of the child, the parent, and the staff. These instruments (called the Camper Growth Index) are valuable if a camp would like to establish a general comprehensive baseline for their camp. However, the instrumentation is intensive and requires some degree of statistical abilities if the camp wants to maximize the effectiveness and usefulness of the data. For camps interested in measuring specific intentional outcomes, the ACA Youth Outcomes Battery may be a more desirable option.

The following information is provided for researchers and camp administrators that might be interested in using the ACA Camper Growth Index (CGI).

For the Camp Director
Many camp directors have contacted ACA asking for a copy of the Camper Growth Index survey. Below are links to the post-surveys ACA used with parents, campers, and camp staff. After you download the surveys, you will notice that they contain multiple items on each of the ten dimensions examined in this study. The link for the constructs identifies the questions that go with each construct. This is for your information only. When you use a questionnaire, please keep all of the wording, question order, etc., exactly as it appears in the current format.

For Researchers
Numerous persons have contacted ACA for copies of or access to the surveys utilized in our Youth Development of the Camp Experience (National Outcomes) project conducted by Philliber Research Associates (project administration: 2001-2004). Below are links to the surveys developed for this process and the psychometrics of the camper surveys.

The administration of the survey package, as ACA used it, looks like this.

  Campers Parents Camp Staff
Precamp survey 1 month before camp 1 month before camp Within 48 hours of camper arrival
Postcamp survey At the end of the camp session About a month after the camper returns home Within 24 – 30 hours of the end of the camp session
Follow-up survey 6 months after camp 6 months after camp ___


CGI Camper Surveys (all in PDF format)

CGI Parent Surveys (all in PDF format)

CGI Staff Observation Checklist (all in PDF format)

CGI Psychometrics (all in PDF format)

Scholarly articles have been published in juried research journals that describe the results and methods utilized in the study. For a general summary of the findings, please view Directions - View the full report (PDF - 2.8MB).

Permission to Use CGI Instruments
If you wish permission to use these instruments in whole or in part, please submit a written request to describing what you want to use, the potential population, and the time frame for use. Once permission is granted, any use of these instruments shall be acknowledged as follows: " © American Camping Association, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission."