ACA Youth Development Outcomes Resources

Enhance the Quality of the Camp Experience

The value of the camp experience in the positive development of our young people has been a focus of ACA research for the past several years. The information collected from over 100 camps and thousands of campers has become the foundation for several resources. These resources help camps focus on how to reach desired outcomes, measure select outcomes with reliable and valid tools, provide statistical analysis help, and offer general comparison points.

  • ACA Youth Outcomes Battery
    ACA's Youth Outcomes Battery provides measures that focus on youth outcomes common to the camp experience. The statistically tested questionnaires are camp specific, age-appropriate, easily administered tools that can be individualized to your camp.
  • ACA Youth Outcomes Analysis Tools
    An excel-based free downloadable template to help guide the analysis process when collecting outcome data with the ACA Youth Outcomes Battery.
  • ACA Youth Outcomes Battery Norms
    These norms for the Basic format of the Youth Outcomes Battery provide comparison points for YOB scores that include general norms as well as for resident camp, gender, and age.
  • Creating Positive Youth Outcomes Workbook
    A 8-step process for program evaluation to help you increase positive youth outcomes. A book and resource CD include: the evaluation outline, examples of goals and objectives you might target, a facilitator's guide for training staff, copy-ready checklists and worksheets, forms for refining targeted outcomes, and youth survey tools designed and used by ACA for youth outcomes research.
  • Online Course- Creating Positive Youth Outcomes:  Linking Camp Programs to Camper Outcomes Through Assessment- An online course that focuses on the process that helps increase positive youth outcomes. Can be used in conjunction with ACA's Youth Outcomes Battery, the Creating Positive Youth Outcomes Workbook, or as a stand alone course.

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