ACA Camp Business Operations Report: 2012

Improve Camp Business Operations

Access the most recent budget and finance data for camps. Questions this year included scholarship information, discounts, marketing strategies used, revenue sources, weekly fees, detailed expenditures, profitability, and more. For ease of application, there are two sets of findings: one for resident camps and one for day camps. Each set (resident/day) includes:

  • Succinct narrative of the summary of findings
  • Contents page of all the break-outs for the data tables
  • Breakouts that include sponsorship, region, camper days, gross revenue, and profit margin
  • Appendix that provides information on the way the data were collected and analyzed

We suggest you start by reading the findings summary to get an overview of the data, then look at the more in-depth information provided in the tables. For example, perhaps you'd like to compare your camp to other day camps in your region. Look in the "Bookmarks" until you see the various regions- click, and you'll see tables for just that region.