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ACA wants to give you the information you need!
As a camp professional, you seek to understand trends affecting your enrollment and your business.  You want to see your business in comparison with others like you.  Here is your chance to spend 7-10 minutes completing a survey that will provide you with answers about what is happening THIS YEAR with enrollments across the industry.  After finishing the survey, you will see the results for everyone who has completed the survey so far.  Remember - you can return to view the results as many times as you wish.

ACA Staff in the Sections as well as National offices are also often asked for enrollment and recruitment information by media as well as ACA members.   This survey is designed to gather specific data with which to answer these questions and add to a baseline for future reference.

Please answer camper enrollment and staff recruitment questions based upon your current information. If you operate both a day camp and resident camp program, please complete two for each type of camp.

All responses to this survey are confidential. Only summary information is revealed to anyone who looks at the results of the survey. Please help us generate the most accurate information we can provide by completing this survey. Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Cheley Colorado Camps, Estes Park, CO