What Does Camp Do for Kids? Appendix D

  1. Define The Objective:
         Formulate specific goals for the meta-analysis.

  2. Literature Search:

    1. Develop search strategies

    2. Develop inclusion/exclusion criteria

    3. List papers included and excluded

  3. Assess Study Quality:

    1. Summarize essential design characteristics

    2. Determine quality scores

  4. Record Study Characteristics and Outcomes:

    1. Type (paper, journal, abstract...) and year of publication

    2. Study Design

    3. Exposure

    4. Other characteristics considered

    5. Choice of outcomes to pool

    6. Estimates of risk and their precision

  5. Statistical Pooling Procedures:

    1. Graphic displays

    2. Tests of homogeneity

    3. Tests for systematic differences among studies

    4. Pooling

    5. Modeling

  6. Perform Sensitivity and Influence Analysis:

  7. Conclusions and Recommendations:

Source: Electric Research Power Institute. (1994, March). Meta-analysis: An introduction. Palo Alta, CA: Author.