What Does Camp Do for Kids? Appendix D

Formally, comprehensive identification and collection of studies was made using five electronic data-bases; ERIC, SPORT Discus, Sociofile, PsychINFO, and Dissertation Abstracts International. Additionally, a call for unpublished research was printed in the November / December (1998) Issue of Camping Magazine.

Databases searched:

  1.    ERIC

  2.    SPORT Discus

  3.    Sociofile

  4.    PsycINFO,

  5.    Dissertation Abstracts International

Keywords used:

  1. Pre-adolescents, Early-Adolescents, Children, Resident Camp Programs, Day Camp Programs, Child Development, Developmental Stages, Development, Individual Development, Adolescent Development, Developmental Task.

  2. Summer camp, Day Camping, Child, Adolescent, Adventure Education, Child Development, Individual Development, Social Development, Self-Actualization.

  3. Camping, Child Development, Developmental Stages.

  4. Summer Camps Recreation, Wilderness Experience, Childhood Development, Adolescent Development, School Age Children, Self-Esteem, Self-Concept, Self-Confidence, Self-Perception.

  5. Summer Camp.

Informally, studies were located through collaboration with Randall Grayson, Doctoral Student at Clairemont Graduate University and Gwynn Powell a doctoral student at Clemson University, contacts made at a meeting of the National Camping Executive Group, 04 December 1998, and through calls for studies posted by Randall Grayson on various Internet list-serves.