ACA Accreditation: The Value of Camp!

Camp directors and camp staff know intuitively what camp provides for youth. We have sought for words and the solid research to back up what we know in our hearts happens in the magic of the experience. Now we have that research!! It is important that parents, legislators, and the media hear the same message about the value of the camp experience.

We encourage you to copy the paragraphs below and include them in your camp brochure, on your web site, in your letters to parents, in your news releases, or anywhere you have the opportunity to help build the knowledge of the value of camp. Thanks for your efforts!

Suggested Wording for Camp Brochures, Camp Websites, or letters to parents

The American Camp Association® (ACA) shares our camp’s commitment to the growth of youth through the camp experience. In 2004, an independent research firm completed the largest research study of camper outcomes ever conducted in the United States with over 3,000 families from 92 camps across the U.S. participating.

Results confirmed that camp builds many of the skills necessary to prepare campers to assume roles as successful adults. Parents, campers, and camp staff independently reported growth in areas such as self-confidence, learning new skills, getting along with others, making friends, and making healthy decisions. Indeed, camp provides growth experiences for youth that can reap results through adulthood.

Sharing Youth Development and Research—Enriching the Lives of Children