Selecting Camp Healthcare Technologies

Considerations in the Selection of Camp Healthcare Technologies

Futurists predict that camps will have compelling interests and benefits for utilizing electronic health records within the next 3-5 years.  Some camps are already using electronic records and incorporating technologies in a myriad of ways to support camp healthcare.  Camp professionals have asked for more information about selecting appropriate technologies to support camp health services. 

STEP 1: Assess your organizational capacity and resources.  Based in part on efforts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the following list of considerations identifies areas that camps should consider when planning for technology and camp healthcare and questions that should be asked when purchasing technology and/or software. This list also addresses situations in which a camp’s winter office is on a different location than the summer office and potential pitfalls surrounding a camp’s integration of technology and/or software with their healthcare systems.

STEP 2: Explore tools and resources that address these considerations.  Through the Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program, funded by Markel Insurance, ACA is pleased to provide the camp community with the following information from ACA Business Affiliates about camp healthcare tools and resources identified in the list of considerations. (Not an ACA Business Affiliate? Join today or call us at 765-349-3319.) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  ACA does not endorse these products and services.  Camps and other organizations interested in these products and services should contact the specific vendor for more information.

      (listed alphabetically)

  • CampBrain is a comprehensive camp management system used by over 1,000 camps, since 1994. Online health forms, a medical module and robust, customizable reports are included.
  • is the leading health management system for camps.  A secure, easy-to-use, web-based solution offering health forms, medication management and health log components.
  • CampMinder- Refined by camp professionals since 2003, the industry’s most widely-used and established healthcare system.  Web-based, secure & stable.  Includes online and barcoded, fax-back forms.
  • Magnus Health is the medical technology partner of choice for schools and camps, delivering secure, online storage, coupled with a service-oriented approach.  
  • UltraCamp provides online health forms, medication tracking, automated production of MARs, electronic medical log, barcode tracking, eFax form collection, and customizable reporting.

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