About ACA, Rocky Mountain

Most camps in the section offer activities uniquely suited to their location-backpacking through rugged wilderness, climbing 14,000 foot peaks, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing and riding horseback along trails once traveled by Native Americans, trappers, and the West's early explorers. Traditional activities are offered as well including camping skills, sports, crafts, archery, fishing, and outstanding nature, geology and astronomy programs.

In addition to geography ideal for camping adventures, Colorado and Wyoming camps boast excellent weather for outdoor activities of all types. Dry, sunny days and cool star-filled nights are typical in the summer. There are few mosquitoes and other biting insects in these high altitude climates.

Although there are camp programs which primarily attract Colorado and Wyoming residents, many camps in the Rocky Mountain section welcome campers and staff from many states and countries each summer. Whether you are looking for a day camp, a 4 or 5 week mountain adventure or a travel experience based in Colorado/Wyoming, you will find a member camp to fit your need. All of them adhere to the high standards of the American Camping Association and will provide a warm and memorable Western experience for your child.