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If you are an ACA member camp in the Rocky Mountain region, and would like to post a job, contact Betsy Thamert, Field Office Executive at

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Current Job Postings:

Deer Hill Expeditions
Outreach Manager

Deer Hill Expeditions is seeking a full-time outreach manager.  Primary responsibilities include development and delivery of outreach and sales strategies, social media, and website management. 

Since 1985, Deer Hill’s mission has been to inspire wholehearted growth in individuals by sharing in the responsibilities of a nurturing, dynamic community.  DHE’s wilderness expeditions (Colorado Plateau and Costa Rica) and cross-cultural service programs (Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni communities) foster appreciation of the natural world, stewardship of our Earth, and a connection to one’s own humanity.  DHE works with schools and private groups in the spring and fall.  In the summer, DHE operates multi-week programs for 7th-12th graders.  Deer Hill Foundation (DHF) funds scholarships for high potential, low income participants.

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