Greetings, ACA Members!

Many of you have been involved in the development of ACA's camp membership program — either through participation in work groups, the ACA Board of Directors, the National Council of Leaders, one of the Local Councils of Leaders or Affiliates, or any number of related committees. Members and staff have worked carefully and purposefully to create a new membership for camps/programs that complements ACA's mission, its other membership types, and its menu of products and services.

We are pleased with the outcome of all the work we've done together with you. As part of the member/customer growth strategy, ACA will pilot a new membership opportunity for camps beginning in February 2013. This membership serves to do the following:

  • Fulfill ACA's 20/20 Vision and have a positive effect on more camps and professionals, who ultimately will have a greater impact on the children they are serving
  • Impact more children in a positive way
  • Provide another way for camp and youth development professionals to associate with their peers
  • Support ACA's member and customer model, which reflects the casual, connected, and committed relationships that camps and individuals have with ACA
  • Complement the ACA board directive of attracting and serving more camps/programs

Additional Camp Membership Information
Resources are available that we think you might find helpful:

  1. ACA Membership — Get the Facts
  2. Introducing ACA and Member Benefits
  3. Triangles of Membership: An illustration of membership and the services of ACA

Read answers to some questions we have been asked regarding this membership.

Thank you for setting the standard!
Your work as an accredited camp program is important to the families you serve. In today's environment, it is a moral imperative to deliver the highest quality, safest programs for children. It is important for ACA to reach out to all camps and programs so they, too, can better serve the children in their programs. Your continued leadership is appreciated.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call the membership team at 765.342.8456. We are happy to talk with you about ACA membership.


Peg Smith
ACA Chief Executive Officer