Executive Summit and 69th Annual Recognition Dinner Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ernie Mendes

Ernie Mendes is an author, executive coach, and a professional development trainer. He has been training teachers and leaders since 1988 and has worked with over 75 diverse organizations including businesses, school districts, law enforcement agencies and health centers. Dr. Mendes's diverse professional background includes a combined 23 years as a classroom teacher at the secondary and post-secondary level and 11 years as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice.

Dr. Mendes was one of the first to do a doctoral study on Emotional Intelligence (EI). He studied the relationship between EI and occupational burnout in teachers. His book Empty the Cup Before You Fill It Up is a best seller, complete with practical activities to build effective relationships at work and in the classroom using EI theory and neuroscience. His recent book, Engage 4 Learning looks at four main brain systems to explore ways to engage K-adult learners in educational settings. To read more about Ernie, visit his website at erniemendes.com.

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