California Health Supervisor Certification Course

The California Code of Regulations Title 17 (AKA "CA Regulations for Organized Camps") requires that a "Health Supervisor" be present whenever children are on-site at your camp.  No nurse on site?  No problem! Meet the Health Supervisor requirement with ease...take an ACA sponsored course!  For more information about the California Organized Camp Regulations requiring a "Health Supervisor," click here.

Child Care Health & Safety Course (includes Adult/Child/Infant CPR and Childcare First Aid) and Preventative Health & Safety

Upon completion, attendees will receive the Red Cross with EMSA Sticker: California Child Care: Preventative Healthy and Safety (does not expire as long as other certifications are maintained) & Red Cross: Adult/Child/Infant CPR (valid for 2 years).

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Dates / Locations:  ACA Hosted CA Health Supervisor Courses

February 24-25, 2015
Girl Scout of San Gorgonio Council
Redlands, CA

Registration for this Course is Now Closed

May 11-12, 2015
Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center
Orange, CA

The deadline to register for the May Course was May 4, 2015. Pre-registration is now closed. Please contact Katie Johnson at  or 765-342-8456, ext. 341, if you would like to send someone to this course.


Day 1
9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Preventative Health Safety

Day 2
9:00 am - 6:00 pm - California Child Care Health & Safety - 8 hours

  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm California Child Care (3 hours)
  • 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Adult/Child/Infant CPR (5 hours)
If participants already possess appropriate current CPR certification, then they only need the CCC portion on the 2nd day. If participants only need to renew their Adult/Child/Infant CPR certificate, you can sign up for just that from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm on the 2nd day (this is only for people who already possess a California Child Care: Preventative Health & Safety Certificate)  

Cost to Attend

Full Course - $130/member or $160/non-member
Day 1 + Morning of Day 2 (Preventative Health Safety + California Child Care) - $100/member or $130/nonmember
Adult/Child/Infant CPR Only - $70/member or $100/nonmember

Red Cross Hosted Health Supervisor Courses

The American Red Cross refers to this course as the "California Child Care Preventative Health & Safety Course" or "Child Care Course".  Some American Red Cross Chapters offer the Child Care Course as a two-day course, totaling 15 hours. Others will offer Module I, Preventative Health and Safety (totaling 7 hours) and Module II, Community CPR and Pediatric First Aid (totaling 8 hours) as individual courses. In order to meet the requirement for camps, you must receive training that totals 15 hours and contains both Module I & II

Find Red Cross Health Supervisor Courses (AKA: Child Care) by Zip Code

Click the link above, enter in your zip code, choose "Child Care" as the course category and then select "Find Classes". 


A full-time Health Supervisor is required at organized camps when campers are present. From California Code of Regulations Title 17, Subchapter 6, Article 1 General Section 30700 Definitions:

“Health Supervisor” means a person who is either:

  • A physician
  • A registered nurse
  • A licensed vocational nurse who is licensed pursuant to Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code
  • A person who is trained in accordance with section 1596.866 of the Health and Safety Code.

Designed to comply with section 1596.866 of the Code, the Red Cross California Child Care Preventative Health & Safety Course meets the requirements for "Health Supervisor" as listed above. The course must have at least 15 hours of health and safety training and include the following components:

  • Pediatric first aid
  • Pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • A preventative health practices course or courses that include instruction in the recognition, management, and prevention of infectious diseases, including immunizations and prevention of childhood injuries.

Additional Information

The California Child Care Preventative Health & Safety Course is made up of two modules, totaling fifteen hours of training.

Module I, Preventative Health and Safety, is taught over seven hours and includes preventative health practices, including food preparation and sanitation practices that reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Individuals who successfully complete this module will receive an Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) sticker on their certificate.  The Preventative Health & Safety certification does not expire.

Module II, Community CPR (Adult, Child and Infant CPR) and Pediatric First Aid, is taught over eight hours and covers how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies, pediatric first aid and injury prevention. The CPR certificate expires after one year, and the Pediatric First Aid certificate expires after 2 years.

Registration & Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations before 6pm on the registration deadline will be granted with a cancellation fee, assessed at 15% the total paid.  Cancellations received after the registration deadline will not be refunded. No-shows are not refundable.  Written copy of the cancellation is required and can be faxed or emailed ATTN: Nina Pierson to: (765) 342-2065 fax or  Phone cancellations are not accepted.  If ACA, Southern CA/HI cancels the event for which you have registered, the registration fee paid will be fully refunded. ACA, Southern CA/HI is not responsible for any expenses incurred by you as a result of your registration, whether the event is attended, postponed, or cancelled.  All registration payments must be made by the event date in order for participants to be admitted to the event.