OctoberWest: How You'll Learn



OctoberWest will give you the opportunity to participate in networking events, brainstorming sessions, educational sessions, resource sharing, social adventures and more!  We’ll explore a range of topics – based on the needs of participants – using various approaches:

Brainstorming Sessions

Two heads are better than one – and ten are better than two!  Using an experienced facilitator and focused on a specific topic, this unique experience will give you the opportunity to generate new ideas to solve common, long-time problems at your camp – using the collective brainpower of a diverse cross section of the camp community.

Educational Sessions

Drawing from experienced mentors in the camp community, gain new insights for how we can do our work even better.  Educational Sessions are the traditional style of learning at conferences.

Networking Sessions

Have something on your mind?  Let’s talk about it and see if we can solve it, learn from it, fix it, or change it.  Come for a roundtable discussion with camp colleagues – gathered by specialty, role or camp type (i.e. day camp, resident camp, supervisors), so that we can drill even deeper on the topics that matter most.  The conversation will go in whichever direction the people in the room decide!

Open Air Session

As a group, we'll come together to determine what critical topics haven't been discussed, and then discuss them!  Participants will work together to identify important topics and then break into smaller groups to spend time exploring a specific area of need.

Social Adventures/Networking

We all know that a critical piece to success as a camp director is developing strong relationships with other camp professionals – but traditional networking events can be difficult – it’s hard to find your place or to have meaningful conversations.  Using a range of intentional networking activities as well as informal gatherings in a small group environment, you’ll leave with strong connections to help you in your job…and maybe you’ll even make a friend or two!

Materials Share

Looking for new training ideas for staff orientation?  Struggling with your camp application?  Need a better evaluation or staff handbook?  Look no more - your camp colleagues are the greatest resource!  The Materials Share is your opportunity to see how other people run their camp programs – on paper – and to share those docs that work great for you and could be helpful to your peers.  Come ready with questions and bring all your camp documents – you can get feedback, share best practices and maybe even leave with a couple templates to help update your materials…after the Materials Share, everyone will leave a little better for next summer!