2013 Educational Session at a Glance

2013 ACA, Southeastern Fall Camp Conference

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Participants who attend the full conference will receive 7.5 CECs.
Participants who attend Tuesday only will receive 3.75 CECs
Participants who attend 1/2 Day Wednesday only will receive 2.5 CECs
Participants who attend the EPIC Pre-conference will receive an additional 4 CECs
Participants who attend the Standards Pre-Conference will receive an additional 6 CECs


Camp Tour
Spend the day with us as we visit three fabulous camps in the area!

YMCA Camp Greenville is a traditional summer camp with activities such as swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, pottery, arts and crafts, archery, hiking, nature adventures in Cleveland, SC.

Green River Preserve is a non-competitive, coed summer camp connecting children with nature. Located on a 3,400 acre private wildlife preserve in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, this extraordinary natural setting has inspired sustainability leadership since 1988. It is a place where one’s character really matters and where campers are allowed “to be their best me.”

Gwynn Valley, situated on 320 acres in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Brevard, NC, has been a summer camp for boys and girls since 1935. They offer a farm, wilderness, and traditional program that nurtures the child while fostering a connection with the land and the simple joys of childhood. 

Transportation, mid-morning snack and lunch Included
* Registration $35.00/participant

EPIC (Emerging Professionals in Camping) Pre-Conference View Flyer
Rethinking S’mores: The Meaning of the Marshmallow
You have to admit -out of all the components of a s’more, the marshmallow is the one people spend the most time & energy on perfecting. Whether you like your marshmallow lightly toasted, burnt to a crisp or somewhere in-between – the marshmallow matters. As a camp professional in the 21st century the “marshmallow” is more important than ever. This pre-conference is designed to examine the “marshmallow” parts of being a camp professional. What are those marshmallow skills camp professionals need? How do we improve and develop those skills in ourselves and with our staff? Also during this pre-conference you will get to meet & hear from the “local legends” in camping about their experiences. Come join us, the s’more the better! And yes, there will be s’mores.

Meet and greet opportunity with "local legends in camping" from the Southeastern region. You won't want to miss this!
Box Lunch will be provided.
*Registration Fee $45/participant

Standards Course
ACA's Standards course serves as an introduction to ACA's Standards Program and helps participants prepare for accreditation visits. The course describes the purpose and value of standards and accreditation, and gives an explanation of how the process works and what resources and materials are available. The course offers specific discussion about the requirements of the standards, including: application of the core and specialized activity standards, mandatory standards, and written documentation requirements.
*No Cost for This Course

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peg Smith     ACA, Inc.

Annie Kimball     High Meadows Camp
Kickin’ Good Art Classes!
Let’s turn our arts & crafts classes upside down and inside out! Using non-traditional, non-expected  materials, we can make camp art AWESOME! We don’t need money to do it either. Let’s make art an experience for campers of all ages and abilities incorporating the senses, individuality, and the outdoors. We can do all this by using materials that are available at each camp.

Nicholai Ronningen    Ronningen Design
Word-of-Mouth: Message Driven Marketing
Is your camp on a mission? Do your camp families know? Are they on that mission too? How relevant is your mission to the families you serve?  Join Nicholai Ronningen as he challenges you to reconsider your message, and how it is delivered.  Topics covered will include:  * website  * blogging - who are you talking to?  * search engine optimization - what is it really worth?  * search engine marketing  * landing pages  * calls to action!  * brochure - do you still need one?  * DVD  * email marketing - are you making the most of it?  * Facebook - friend or foe?  * Twitter  * YouTube  * Pinterest

Dan Davis & Shawn Marler   Camp Rockmont
Making the Hero's Journey Powerful and Accessible for Campers, Staff, and Parents
The session will explore the stages of the Hero's Journey and ways that your camp community - whether male, female, or co-ed - can benefit from its use. The common language of the Hero's Journey allows a new depth of conversation and meaning that campers and parents can learn to connect to their own life stories. Whether you are experiencing a "Call to Adventure" or "Culminating a Quest," this new understanding of your own life's journey can be powerful at camp and throughout the year as we work to bridge the gap between camp and home. This is an effective tool to connect the developmental models you may already be using at camp. We continue to be encouraged at how eagerly campers, staff, and parents receive and apply this model. You will leave this session with a better understanding of your own journey and a tool that you will be able to use at your camp or organization.

Cori Welbes & Patricia Nelson   Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches
Behind the Curtain- How OZ Works
Pull back the curtain on the behind the scenes business of camp. When income streams dry up, where do you find the financial footing to carry on? This session will explore how each and every camp can find the brains and the courage to develop your niche with the heart of your mission. An interactive session of ideas that will strive to keep your camp safe from the flying monkeys.

1:45pm- 3:00pm

Dawn Daria & Paul Miller     Flow Circus
Juggling Strong Leaders
Counselors challenge campers to learn new skills all summer, but when was the last time they were in the position of learner? What methods do they use to set the campers up for success? This session will reconnect participants with the experience of learning a new skill – juggling. Having taught thousands of jugglers, our approach to introducing this skill will provide the foundation for identifying strong teaching methods & leadership as well as creative ideas for staff training.

Sharon Tessneer    East Carolina University
Life Inoculation: How Adventure Education and Camp Experiences can Increase Youth’s Capacity for Resilience
Resilience is a catchy idea and I have discovered that it not only corresponds well with previously documented camp outcomes, but the process of developing resilience is comparable to models of experiential education. We will talk about the ways in which existing camp adventure programs may be fostering the capacity for resilience in youth, and what we can do to increase this capacity through such experiences. Even without focused effort, many summer camp programs offer a prepackaged resilience intervention that walks youth, step by step, through an authentic learning process and gives them applicable life skills while providing opportunities to practice them with feedback. How can we better focus our efforts, particularly in staff training, to incorporate resilience training into programming and increase indicators of resilience in our campers?  As part of this session, I will share the results of my recent study measuring the impact of traditional and adventure summer camp experiences on indicators of resilience in youth. I might not have all the answers, but we can discuss what is known and brainstorm application ideas together!

Kevin Trapani     The Redwoods Group
Scaling Social Impact: Making the Camps Case for Social Enterprise
This presentation defines the core concept of Social Enterprise -- a disruptive blend of sophisticated commercial, venture capital and non-profit practices.  It will highlight why social investors crave values-based community leadership and why camps are perfectly poised to claim this fertile territory in their respective regions.  We will touch on the decline in moral leadership in today's established traditional institutions, the growth of business sophistication in non-profits, the importance of metrics and how all of these combine to frame camps' potential leadership in the social sector.

Kim Aycock      Camp 2 Campus Learning Solutions
Moving Past the “Last Summer” Syndrome: Refocusing and Energizing Veteran Staff
While some stories from last year are motivating, more often than not, they make it challenging for new staff to start the summer with an open mind.  This session will give creative ways to debrief last summer with returning staff and then refocus their energy towards the exciting weeks and months ahead while embracing the opportunity to be positive role models and mentors to first year staff.

Deb Jordan     East Carolina University
What Do You Want to Know and How Will You Know It?
We can never get enough training in the hows and whys of conducting evaluations. And, since it is SO important for us to be able to speak with real knowledge about the outcomes of our camp programs, the strengths of our staff, the accessibility of our programs, and the effectiveness of our policies, we are in constant need of updating our knowledge and understanding of conducting evaluations. This will be a hands-on session where participants are encouraged to bring evaluation forms from their camps to serve as a basis for discussion. Other sample evaluations will be provided and we will critique and re-write the forms to fit the questions to which we want answers. No previous evaluation knowledge or experience with evaluation is needed to benefit from this session.

3:15pm – 4:30pm

Michael Thompson  
Homesick and Healthy

Lindsay Martin and Susan Tinsley Daily  The Outdoor Academy
Why Are You Acting Like That?! Understanding Difficult Behaviors and Communicating Through Conflict
Camp is a life changing experience for children and adolescents; for many it is the place they learn essential skills, like effective communication during moments of stress and frustration. As staff we must be able to not only facilitate these conversations for our campers, but also empower them with the skills to do so for themselves. Drawing from multiple disciplines including: Outward Bound, wilderness therapy, neuro-science, non-violent communication, mediation, Choice Theory and adolescent psychology we will explore easy to use, step-by-step tools that will help you maneuver through conflict and difficult camper behaviors with confidence and compassion. The first half of the workshop will be focused on understanding difficult camper behavior and camper needs. The second  half will be sharing strategies for addressing difficult behaviors and conflict resolution. This workshop would be useful for both new and experienced camp staff members alike, and the strategies discussed can be adapted for use with any age group.

Gwynn Powell     Clemson University
Talking “with” My Generation
Join us for a panel of students who will share the latest research about “their” generation, strategies for supervising and supporting “them”, and other questions you may have for them.  We, as camp professionals, get older each year, but the brand new camp counselors remain young.  As that gap between “us” and “them” extends, we need to keep the conversation going.

Michael Swain     Markel Insurance Company
A Camp Counselor’s Guide on Liability Exposures at Camp and Steps You Can Take to Reduce Them
The impact a lawsuit can have on any business can be devastating.  In addition to the potential financial cost, there can be lost opportunity cost and possible damage to a camp’s reputation.  Knowing what causes common incidents that can generate a lawsuit against a camp can help counselors and directors better protect their business.

Elizabeth Warren    Darkness to Light
Josh Heimowitz       The Redwoods Group

Darkness to Light:  Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Camps
Join us for a discussion around increasing awareness and education about child sexual abuse prevention, and to gain a better understanding of how socially responsible leaders can help implement best practices, tools, and policies to help reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse. Darkness to Light is a national non-profit whose evidence-based prevention training program provides adults with the tools and resources necessary to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Round Table Conversations
4:45pm – 5:30pm

ACA, Southeastern
Lessons from the ACA Hotline
Every year program staff are confronted with challenging crisis situations. Many staff are unprepared to deal with the situations they encounter. This session will share “lessons learned” from an analysis of the ACA Hotline reports and provide suggested steps and resources to assist in crisis management, staff training, and preparation for the unexpected.

Susanna Miller (Center for Leadership in Disability), Randy Murr (Camp Spearhead), Teresa Tucker (Clemson University), Rob Cage (Camp Thunderbird)
Fireside Chat: Best Practices for Working with Campers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Annie Kimball     High Meadows School
Staff Motivators
Let’s brainstorm some relaxing, rejuvenating and fun activities to keep our staff upbeat and connected throughout the whole summer.  We will share motivating incentives and games for the adults to build personal relationships, memories and traditions at camp.

Josh Rood     YMCA Camp Greenville
Five Minute Swap!
Come swap your ideas and activities in this cafe-style format. Bring your favorite five-minute activity to share, and learn new ones from your peers. This quick energizer session will give you some great ideas to take back to your program.

Gregory A Copeland    Domokur Architects
Camp Design:  Master Planning Basics
Camps have been drawing in millions of children and families across the North American landscape since 1861. Camp Design: Master Planning Basics walks you through the integral camp master planning process and guides camp owners and directors to a successful camp planning experience.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stephanie Ruby Compton   Green River Preserve
Sponges as Reusable Ice Packs: Debriefing ACA Southeastern 2013
You attend ACA conferences to network, recharge your batteries, and refill your toolbox. There’s always at least one mind-blowing tidbit that you learn from a conference (for mine, see title of this session). Were there sessions you wanted to attend but couldn’t because they were running concurrently with other sessions that you had to go to? The first 20 minutes of this workshop will discuss each educational session in brief with their key “take homes.” Did you learn something rad that you want to share? Participants will experience focused and directed discussion as they share the best of what they have learned this week whether it was in a classroom or during an informal meet and greet. Finally, participants will collaborate to create action plans so it will be easy to implement new strategies and apply new ideas on Monday morning upon returning to the office.

Genie Gunn     Happy Camper Food Solutions
Do you have a CAMP FAMP (Food Allergen Management Plan)?
Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions might be coming between you and your (potential) campers! Are you confident in your ability to accommodate these needs? Keeping campers and other guests safe is not just the job of your Kitchen Manager. Come to this session prepared to start work on a draft plan to take back and flesh out with the rest of your team.

Kim Aycock     Camp 2 Campus Learning Solutions
From C- to A+: Making the Grade for Written Communication from Staff to Parents by Improving Observation Skills
Do you secretly dread proofreading the written correspondence your staff draft to camper parents?  Do these letters lack specific information about each child?  Would they make an English professor cringe?  Do you end up writing most notes yourself?  This session will address these frustrations and offer creative ways to facilitate this process by looking at training staff to first OBSERVE campers so that writing quality parent communication is easier on them and on you!  Even if your staff do not communicate with parents using a written format, this innovative approach to staff training will benefit ALL camps!

Dick Weaver (Walgreens), Marisa Pharr (Falling Creek Camp), Adam Boyd ( Merri-Mac and Timberlake)
Medication Management: Components for Success and the Emerging Challenges
Two seasoned camp directors and a local pharmacist will review  relevant literature  as well as ACA and ACN medication management standards. Small group discussions will focus on various aspects of medication administration as determined by the participants, such as pouring meds, field trips, storage and error prevention.

Matt Ragland      Camp Rockmont
Creating a Year-Round Camp Community: Using Blogging, Webinars, and Podcasts to Build Your Brand
Everyone knows that keeping your Camp on the minds of families increases the chances of them signing up for next summer. But how can we effectively engage with our families without sending countless reminder emails and newsletters? The answer to is showcase your knowledge and experience as a youth development professional, via the channels of blogging, webinars, and social media. While most camps use social media as a way to trigger great memories of camp (a useful but short-term solution), learn how you can connect with your families to deliver useful, knowledgeable content that benefits them. Parents begin to see you as a resource and expert on children, and not just the fun-loving person who lives in the woods all year! In our increasingly social world, this engagement also offers "social proof" to prospective families that you run a respectable, safe, and professional camp. Presentation will include screenshots and videos to supplement the learning process.