Southeastern Accreditation Information

2014 Camp Information Form

Any camp up for accreditation for the 2014 visit cycle must submit their Camp Information Form by January 1, 2014 to ACA, SE Field Office.

Camp Info Form

Accreditation Year Timeline

January 1- Camp Information Forms Due
February- Visitor Assignments Announced (will be sent via email only)
May 1- Camp Self-Assessments Completed by Visitor 
June- August- On-Site Visit (most visits take place during these summer months)

Standards Course

The Standards Course is for camp directors and/or other camp representatives who expect or would like to have an accreditation visit in 2014. The person completing the course is expected to assist the camp in preparation for the accreditation visit and participate in the on-site visit.

There is NO COST for the course; however, it is necessary to pre-register at least 7 days prior to the course you will be attending. Participants are responsible for their own lunch.

Anyone preparing for an Accreditation Visit may take the Standards Course. Specifically, the following camps are REQUIRED to send a representative to a Standards Course:

  1. Camps who are seeking accreditation for the first time in 2014.
  2. Camps who are seeking re-accreditation that have a new camp director since their last accreditation visit.
  3. Directors who are interested in seeking accreditation and may possibly request a visit in the future are also invited. In addition, if you intend to take an associate visitor course in the next year or so, you will need to take this course first.

2014-2015 Standards Course dates/locations coming soon!
*can't make an in person course? Contact the Field Office for additional options

Camps with Standards Visitors

Camps with a Standards Visitor on staff/volunteer are exempt from taking either the Standards Course or Standards Update Course if they so choose. The visitor is expected to be an active part of the visit and present on the day of the visit.

Important Information About the 2012 Accreditation Revisions

Key Changes:
• The PD (Program Design and Activity), PC (Program Challenge) and PH (Program Horse) have been combined into one section.
• The sections of the standards have been re-organized so that standards asking about policies/procedures or staff training, etc. are all together within that section.
• A “Self-Assessment” review must be completed prior to the start of staff training for the summer season (or earlier if required by your local leadership). This consists of a review of 20 pre-identified standards all requiring written documentation. It is expected the written documentation will be complete at the time of the review although the actual scoring will take place the day of the on-site visit. While not required, additional written documentation can also be reviewed prior to the start of the season.
• Capability to customize a set of standards for your camp based on your camp’s program, site, and modes, using a secure, web-based system. This system also allows for the uploading of documents for review by a third party (visitor).

What Does This Mean for My Camp?
• The 2012 Edition of Accreditation Process Guide was released
• Camps will begin using these standards at their NEXT on-site accreditation visit
• Prior to the on-site visits, all camps must have an individual who will be actively involved in both the preparation of materials and on-site the day of the visit attend a Standards Course.
• All camps will receive a printed version of the new 2012 Accreditation Process Guide prior to their visit.

 Who to Contact for Standards Related Questions:

John Dovic
ACA, SE Standards Chair
678-507-1177 or

Cyndi Satlow
ACA, SE Education and Membership Service Manager
765-342-8456 or

  • Specific Standards (book) questions & application of Standards
  • Questions or explanation of scoring
  • Appeals/Section Review of scores
  • Training schedules
  • Administrative questions, resource requests
  • Visitor/Camp contact information
  • General Program questions