Southeastern Visitors

Visitor Assignment Timeline

  1. January 1- Visitor Information Forms and Camp Information Forms Due
  2. February- Visitor Assignments Announced (will be sent via email only)
  3. May 1- Camp Self-Assessments Completed by Visitor 
  4. June- August- On-Site Visit (most visits take place during these summer months)

Visitor Resource Page- NEW!

We have gone as paperless as possible. Please visit this resource page for any documents/ resources you might need for your visit!

Visitor Information Form

We are collecting the Visitor Information Form via online survey. One easy step, NO PAPER NEEDED! Visit our link and fill out this QUICK survey to make sure we have all your information in the system and up to date!

Visitor Info Form link

Associate Visitor to Visitor (AV2V)

AV2V was developed by the ACA, Southeastern Standards Chair and Field Office to provide current Associate Visitors a “stepping stone” between being an Associate Visitor and Visitor. The goals of this three part opportunity are:

• Develop a better understanding of the role of a Visitor
• Build confidence as a Visitor
• Understand where and how to find Visitor resources
• Review important information from the Associate Visitor Training Course.

The AV2V “training” consists of the following:

1. Three pre-requisite assignments- each assignment has at several parts.
2. A one-hour group webinar
3. A wrap up survey, which will provide the individual with the opportunity to accept or decline role as a Visitor.

Associate Visitor Course Training

Not a Visitor, but interested in becoming one?

ACA's Associate Visitor course helps participants identify the purpose and structure of ACA's accreditation programs and understand the steps of the process at the camp, section, and national levels. Participants become familiar with the legal implications of visitor actions, as well as develop skills in gathering information, making compliance decisions, and consistently applying the standards in a variety of situations. This course stresses the awareness and acceptance of the intent of the standards to represent accepted practices of organized camping. Prerequisite: Participants in the Associate Visitor Course must be at least twenty-one years of age, a current ACA member, and have completed the Standards course and an application endorsed by their local ACA office. Please visit our Upcoming Events to view our dates and locations!


Who to Call for Standards Related Questions:

John Dovic
ACA, SE Standards Chair
678-507-1177 or

Diane Dicerbo 
ACA, SE Standards Chair
561-237-7310 or

Susan Yoder
American Camp Association

· Specific Standards (book) questions & application of Standards
· Questions or explanation of scoring
· Appeals/Section Review of scores
· Training schedules
· Administrative questions, resource requests
· Visitor/Camp contact information
· General Program questions