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For more than 100 years, the American Camp Association® community has shared our knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. ACA accreditation is voluntary and assures families that camps have made the commitment to a safe, nurturing environment for their children.

Welcome to our accreditation standards internal website which has been created specifically for those pursuing accreditation or preparing for a visit to maintain accreditation status. This website includes many useful resources and features to guide you and your organization or agency in reviewing and implementing the ACA standards. Below is an overview of information related to this portion of the ACA website.

To obtain a published version of ACA’s Accreditation Standards for camps you will need to obtain an Accreditation Process Guide 2012 edition from the ACA Bookstore. The ACA accreditation standards include Site and Food Service, Transportation, Health and Wellness, Operational management, Human Resources, Program Design and Activities, Aquatics, and Trip and Travel standards.

To obtain a customized set of ACA Accreditation Standards for your camp visit the “My Accreditation” portion of this website. Once you log-in the system will recognize your camp. Once you have completed the Camp Intake Form, the system will present a filtered set of standards from your answers. From this point you can continue to filter by using the DNA option for standards that do not apply to your camp operation/program. As you DNA these standards they will drop from your customized set of standards. You can then work with this set of standards directly online which includes the ability to upload documents (up to three per standard) to demonstrate compliance with standards that require written documentation or you can print them out to create your own system.

The Nuts and Bolts portion of this web resource includes information regarding starting the ACA accreditation process, useful information for preparing for a first visit, how to find camp regulations in your state and so on.

This section will also provide resources for helping you to understanding the standards including information such as an illustrated accreditation timeline and information about standards courses and other information about the requirements for obtaining and maintaining accreditation.

The accreditation toolkit contains a variety of printed information, tools, and other resource materials. We are committed to providing these resources to assist in your accreditation visit planning and preparation including. The ACA Accreditation Toolkit includes tip sheets, charts, standards-at-a-glance, links to relevant ACA web pages and other websites and so on.