Logo Usage and Valuable Marketing Tools

The use of American Camp Association accreditation signs, seals, and logos is a privilege reserved for camps that are currently accredited. Such symbolism represents to the public that a camp has met certain standards. Camps may use the ACA-Accredited Camp logo on brochures, advertising, and stationery, as well as its display on signs and Web sites.

American Camp Association® logos play an integral part in our association’s identity. They are a visual representation of the work that we do and how we do it. They are our brand. Use and protect them with pride! Accredited camps having a desire to use the ACA-Accredited® logo are encouraged to refer to the Graphics Identity Standards Manual prior to publicly displaying the logo. The consistent, correct use of ACA trademarks is essential to creating one single, unified association. Camps may obtain the manual, the ACA-Accredited® logo, and other information pertaining to it at www.acacamps.org/logos/accredcamps.

Camps must be reminded that it is a violation of federal trademark law to improperly display the ACA logo or to misrepresent oneself as an ACA-Accredited® camp.

Additionally, a camp may not display the accreditation logo if:

  • The camp fails to meet the minimum requirements of the ACA standards program and has not been approved by its Local Council of Leaders/Affiliate Board of Directors;
  • The membership of the ACA Primary Contact has lapsed and/or the camp fee has not been paid, or if the ACA Primary Contact/Designee has not signed the Statement of Compliance for the current year.

Continued improper use of ACA trademarks in advertising, printed materials, or Web sites should be reported to the ACA, Inc. at (800) 428-2267 for further action.