Accreditation Timeline

The ACA Accreditation year goes from Nov. 1 – Oct. 31 every year. Preparation for a visit normally takes a camp anywhere from six to eighteen months. This will vary depending upon whether the cam has been previously accredited and or the experience of the director.

New camps must have paid camp fees NO later than March 1 in order to have a visit that summer. New camps are required to have an individual attend a standards course. One may attend a standards course without being a member. Standards courses are typically offered through the local offices in the fall and winter months.

  • Member camps receive notice of impending visit.
  • New camps apply for accreditation by completing membership and accreditation forms and paying dues and fees.
  • Member camps renew dues and fees and update camp information.
  • Camps personnel attend a standards course.
  • Camps prepare materials and written documentation.
  • Camps prepare materials and written documentation.
  • Camps complete a self-assessment and have it reviewed.
  • Camps participate in a visit.
  • Camps correct any missed mandatory standard(s) within 10 days.
  • Camps receive notice of failure to comply.
  • Camps participate in a review by the local standards committee if appropriate.
  • Local leadership approves accreditation status of all camps by 10/31.
  • Camps receive visit results no later than 11/10.
  • Camps participate in an appeal to the National Standards Commission if appropriate.