Annual Statement of Compliance

One of the criteria for accreditation is having a current, signed Statement of Compliance (SOC) on file. 

Once a camp is accredited, it must complete an annual Statement of Compliance that indicates the camp’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and permit requirements. It also affirms the camp continues to meet the standards verified by the visitors on the day of the visit as well as the current applicable mandatory standards

ACA has the authority to withdraw accreditation for reasons other than failing the visit. The Statement of Compliance indicates that accreditation may be withdrawn:

  1. If false information is knowingly provided to the Visitors or the standards chairperson or his/her representatives; or
  2. If it is verified that compliance with mandatory standards is not being continually maintained; or
  3. If ACA has been notified by appropriate federal, state or local authorities that laws which significantly affect the health and safety of campers or staff have been violated, or ACA has documented reasons to believe that such violations have occurred; or
  4. D. At the discretion of the LCOL/ Board, following a Local Review and notification of the National Standards Commission (NSC) prior to such action being taken. The camp has the right of appeal to the NSC in the event of such action. The NSC has the final and absolute authority in such matters.

The Statement of Compliance also includes affirmation by the camp that it is willing to be held accountable for and understands that the camp can lose its accreditation for violations of ACA’s Code of Ethics. The Statement also includes confirmation by the camp that it is operating under the applicable laws, codes and regulations, and all required permits and licenses have been obtained.

If the local office has information that there are violations of the above conditions, contact the Director of Accreditation or the Chair of the National Standards Commission immediately. Those persons will provide advice and guidance on further steps to follow.

If the Visitors feel that a violation "significantly affect(s) the health and safety of campers or staff" (see letter C above from the Statement of Compliance), they should notify the Standards Chair who can seek further guidance from the NSC by contacting the Director of Standards at ACA, Inc.

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