Health and Wellness Resources

Health and Wellness Resources

Camps vary in their healthcare needs based on clientele, type and length of program, number of trained healthcare providers on the camp staff, and distance from professional medical facilities. All camps need a well-thought-out healthcare plan to provide for the needs of campers, staff, and rental groups. Potential health risks to the clientele need to be identified and evaluated, and plans for prevention and care need to be specified.

The American Camp Association standards define minimums in terms of staff, facilities, and procedures for healthcare. They also allow for flexibility in determining the specifics of healthcare planning.

Camps need to determine what type of healthcare provider and healthcare plan are in the best interest of their clientele and program based on their location, access to a higher level of care, program offerings, and types of campers served and expected.

Accident/Incident Report Form
Article – AEDs at Camp from Camping Magazine, Jan/Feb 2006
Article – Essentials of Homesickness Prevention from Camping Magazine, May/June, 2006
Exposure Control Plan
Guidelines for Special Medical Needs Campers
Health Alert-Day Camp Specific
Healthcare Policies Checklist
Healthcare Supplies Checklist
Health Center Communication Log
Health Screening Procedures Sample
Health Screening and Authorization Sample
Individual Health Screening Record
Medication Administration Record
Nurse Transition Form
Sample Health-Care Policies and Procedures
Sample Health-Care Policies and Procedures (Alternate Version)
Sample Release Forms
Sample Treatment Procedures Outline
Universal Precautions


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