Camp Self-Assessment

A camp self-assessment is a required review of the written documentation for twenty pre-identified standards and must be completed prior to the start of staff training for the summer season. Your local office might require an earlier completion date

Purpose: A camp self-assessment review (CSA) prior to the actual day of the visit is an important element of the educational process of the standards program. The review of the self-assessment may be completed person-to-person in the months prior to the start of the summer camp season, or the review can be done by mail, or electronic exchange of documentation, with a phone follow-up. Some documentation might also be viewed on a camp’s website (such job descriptions, transportation information for parents, etc.).

This form lists all standards included in the required self-assessment review. The purpose of the self-assessment is to:

  1. Educate the camp director/administrator on the adequacy of the camp’s paperwork BEFORE the on-site visit and scoring. While the intent is for the standard response to be complete, this review still provides the camp with the opportunity to ask questions and make needed corrections prior to the on-site visit which is when the actual scoring will occur. 
  2. Reduce the time needed to review all the documentation during the on-site visit, thus allowing more time for observation and discussion.
  3. Help verify the camp is ready for their on-site visit to occur.

Standards included in the required self-assessment:

TR.5 Transportation Information for Parents
TR.7 Accident Procedures
TR.8 Safety Procedures
TR.15 Training for Drivers
OM.1 Risk Management
OM.4 Personal Property Policy
OM.8 Emergency Plan and Rehearsal
OM.10 Missing Person Procedure
OM.11 Emergency Communications
OM.14 Rental Agreement
OM.15 Rental Group Responsibilities
HR.3 Hiring Policies
HR.6 Job Descriptions/Information
HR.7 Personnel Policies
HR.8 Camper Supervision Ratios and Staff Age
HR.9 Supervision Ratio Exceptions - General Ratios
HR.17 Behavior Management
PD.1 Camp Goals and Outcomes - Overall Goals
PD.4 Program Eligibility
PD.6 Activity Information and Permission


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