Starting the Process

1. Apply for accreditation by completing an accreditation application and remitting required fees. Deadline, for summer visit, is March 1st.

2. Attend a Standards Course, offered by local ACA offices, which explains the accreditation process and describes the requirements of the standards. See the ACA Events Calendar to find a course near you.

3. Review and evaluate each area of camp operation according to the guidelines in the standards. (Camps will receive a copy of ACA's Accreditation Process Guide (2012 edition) when they attend the Standards Course.) 

4. Prepare materials and written documentation required by the standards.

5. Participate in the visit by a team of ACA-trained visitors who will spend a day observing the camp and working with the director in scoring compliance with the standards. The visit must occur when the camp is in full operation.

6. Annually sign a statement of compliance -- the camp administrator's pledge to operate ethically, legally, and in compliance with ACA standards.