2016 Camper Enrollment: With Strong Enrollment Comes New Challenges

The results from the 2016 Enrollment Survey are in, and here's the bottom line: Camps had a good year as enrollment continued to rise. The majority of camps reported at least maintaining the same enrollment numbers compared to 2015, and, in many cases, they were higher. This enrollment trend is a sign we have recovered from the economic recession, but with strong enrollment comes new challenges. Camps now face issues with capacity, competition, and diversity.

Camper Enrollment in 2016: Take a Sneak Peek!

Attend any gathering of camp professionals over the winter and spring, and you are bound to hear bits of conversations about enrollment. . .“How is enrollment going at your camp?” “We seem to be up a little overall, but especially with our girls”; “You know, registrations are really slow coming in this spring — seems like families are waiting much longer to decide about sending their child to camp this year.” “We were a little down last year, but we seem to be doing better this spring”.