Tom Holland is chief executive officer of the American Camp Association

To Give to ACA Is to Invest in Your Profession

Photo courtesy of Gold Arrow Camp, Lakeshore, California.A longtime supporter of the American Camp Association once told me that she gave to ACA because she viewed her yearly gift as "an investment in her profession."

A Place to Share: Your Label to Embrace: Giver

In life we are accustomed to being categorized by type. Some categories are obvious: men and women, children and adults. Other categories are not as obvious but just as defining: Republicans and Democrats, Yankee fans and Yankee haters. Still others are even less obvious and more philosophical: those who view their glass of life as “half full” and those who view their glass as “half empty.” At camp, I find that we regularly break our staff into our own defining categories: those that attended camp and those that didn’t. (Full disclosure — I fall in the latter category.)

A Place to Share: Global Giving

Giving has always been a critical lesson that we teach campers and staff as part of the camp experience. Living and learning together, campers must give respect to their peers and camp staff. In creating a great camp experience, staff members must give freely of themselves and their time. Each and every person learns to give their best effort and strengths in each activity, opportunity, and interaction.