2015 National Award Recipients

ACA is honored to recognize the following individuals and programs as recipients of our 2015 Awards. We greatly appreciate their continued dedication and contributions to camp and ACA. Learn more about ACA’s awards.


Barry Royce
Barry Royce - Read Bio
Distinguished Service Award

More Information on Changes in the ACA Accreditation Process

In early September, ACA members were informed of a forthcoming change to the accreditation process. This change, rolled out over the next three years, would mean that eligible*, accredited camps would complete an Annual Accreditation Report in non-visit years and would shift over time to a five-year visit cycle. As ACA staff and volunteers continue to work on the implementation of this change, we would like to share the following information.

New Rules for Lead-based Paint Abatement - Applicability to Camps

NEW RULE IN EFFECT APRIL 22, 2010 - It is important to recognize that this is a new regulation which, like every new rule, is subject to different interpretations by different people.  This information is no substitute for a site-specific evaluation and regional interpretation by professionals like an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified renovator, your engineer, and your attorney.  Under the authority of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the EPA has issued a final ruling that took effect April 22, 2010, regarding lead-based paint hazards created

Approval to Change the Process of Accreditation

At the August ACA Board of Directors meeting, a recommendation put forth by the National Standards Commission to adapt the accreditation process was unanimously approved. The recommendation reads as follows:

In non-visit years, all currently accredited camps will complete/submit an Annual Accreditation Report, which will include the Annual Statement of Compliance. This report will be reviewed by trained standards volunteers.