Standards Update Course - ACA, Mid States Camp Conference

The Standards Update Course is designed for the camp director or staff member who has been actively involved in the preparation of materials and the on-site visit at an ACA-accredited camp in the recent past. A person completing the ACA Standards Course on behalf of a camp is expected to actively assist the camp in preparation for the accreditation visit, be on site a significant amount of time during the camp season, and participate fully in the on-site accreditation visit.

Associate Visitor Course - ACA, Wisconsin

The ACA Associate Visitor Course provides training to individuals who wish to volunteer to conduct accreditation visits. Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of a visitor, including legal implications of visitor actions; develop information-gathering skills; and learn to use resources available to make consistent compliance decisions. Participants will also understand the educational value of the accreditation process and become positive representatives and advocates for ACA. There is no charge for this course.

ACA, Wisconsin Job Fairs

ACA, Wisconsin Mini Camp Job Fairs 2015

ACA, Wisconsin 2014 Award Winners

Presented on November 6, 2014 at Camp Alice Chester

Cathy SchederOak Leaf Award

Catherine Scheder

Awards in ACA, Wisconsin

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Nominations for 2015 will be due in October of 2015.

ACA, Wisconsin Newcomer Award

1. An active ACA member for less than three years.
2. Participates in field office activities, i.e., Mid States Camp Conference, annual meeting, spring or fall workshops/meetings/breakfasts.
3. Participated in committees, workshops, or leadership role with the Local Council of Leaders.

Public Policy in ACA, Wisconsin

As an educational nonprofit association, the American Camp Association is dedicated to providing quality, reliable, and up-to-date information about the laws and regulations applicable to the camp community.  To that end, ACA partners with other organizations to advocate for quality camp experiences, and to increase the understanding of and support for the value of the camp experience for all children and families.  The ACA, Wisconsin Field Office monitors public policy issues impacting the camp community in Wisconsin.  Access our database of state laws and regulations for details. 

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Volunteer in ACA, Wisconsin

The American Camp Association is dedicated to our Mission — to enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through the camp experience. Expansively, we focus on the promotion of human development. While we utilize diverse delivery systems and methods, we have one common foundation...  Volunteers.

Visitor Information for ACA, Wisconsin

Visitor Assignment Timeline

  1. January 1- Visitor Information Forms and Camp Information Forms Due
  2. February/March - Visitor Assignments Announced (will be sent via email only)
  3. May 1- Camp Self-Assessments Completed by Visitor 
  4. June- August- On-Site Visit (most visits take place during these summer months)  

Visitor Information Form