Standards Courses at the ACA National Conference - 2016 PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED!

Each camp/program wishing to go through the ACA accreditation process in 2016 must have at least one person from their camp/program who will be actively involved with the preparation of materials, on site a significant amount of time during the season, and on-site the day of the visit attend a Standards Course (new camps/new directors) or a Standards Update Course (director/staff from currently accredited camp who has helped with the preparation of materials and been actively involved in the on-site visit). 

ACA Standards That Relate to Staff Screening, Supervision, and Training

The health and safety of campers is of utmost importance to the American Camp Association. Because of this, there are several standards that specifically address staff screening, supervision ratios, and topics to be covered during staff training. While there is no “silver bullet” to protect campers from abuse, ACA believes a systematic, multi-prong approach produces the desired outcome of camper protection. The following list is only a partial list of the ACA standards a camp must meet in order to be accredited. 

Access 2014 Revisions to ACA Standards

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Important Information Regarding Revisions to the ACA Standards

A key role of the American Camp Association's National Standards Commission (NSC) is to regularly review and update (as needed) the ACA standards.

Courses & Webinars to Help Meet ACA Standards

This list of ACA Online Courses and Recorded Webinars shows the ACA standards that would be addressed during the course or recorded webinar. Completing the course/webinar does not in itself "meet" the ACA standard listed. However, by completing the course, the learner will be introduced to topics that will help meet the standard or gain knowledge as to how they might meet the specific standard.

Future of Accreditation - Where Are We?

Update - October 2015

In early September, ACA members were informed of a forthcoming change to the accreditation process. This change, rolled out over the next 3 years, would mean that eligible*, accredited camps would complete an Annual Accreditation Report in non-visit years and would shift over time to a five-year visit cycle. As ACA staff and volunteers continue to work on the implementation of this change, we would like to share the following information.

Standards Visitor Volunteers

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The Visitor's Role