Camp Moves Me: Social Media Graphics

Help spread the word about #CampMovesMe on social media!  Here are some sample posts to share. You can also use one of the graphics below.

Pledge to Participate

Camp Moves Me Awards and Prizes

Awards and Other Prizes for Participants*

Through your active participation in Camp Moves Me, you can win great prizes just by raising money for this great cause.  If the cause of sending children to camp is not a motivator for you, we hope these great prizes will work to keep you moving in the whole month of October.

Camp Moves Me: Frequently Asked Questions

I am registered, now what do I do?

Great, thanks for signing up! Now all you need to do is to get donors/sponsors to support your efforts so that you can raise money for this great cause. Contact your network of friends, family, and colleagues and get the word out about your effort. RallyUp provides a number of mechanisms to maximize getting the word out, or you can just send your friends to RallyUp's Donate Page.

Camp Moves Me 2015 - A Message from Tom Holland

In this video blog, ACA CEO Tom Holland encourages you to participate in Camp Moves Me 2015. In last year's inaugural fundraising event, we moved together to raise over $55,000 for the cause of camp.