ACA, Mid Atlantic Camp Conference 2017

The Mid-Atlantic Camp Conference will feature keynote presentations by Bob Ditter and Blake Sunshine as well as two full days of educational and networking opportunities. Come connect with other camp professionals, share lessons learned from last summer and kick off planning for this summer. Sessions will be offered on a wide range of topics including business development, program/process improvement and staff management.  The conference will be hosted at the beautiful DoubleTree Williamsburg  and feature 16 breakout sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Talking about Youth Development: Helping Campers Grow into Successful Adults

"The resilient child is one who works well, plays well, loves well, and expects well."

Norman Garmezy

When we talk about youth, we too often use negative terms: what we would like them to stop doing. We want them to stop using drugs, stop drinking, stop dropping out of school, stop having sex, stop getting pregnant, stop being violent, and stop committing other delinquent acts. In short, we would like them to stop having problems - and stop being problems.

Boys and Camp - Developing Skills for Life Success

I spent a few months earlier this year visiting camps throughout New England. One of my stops was Camp Watitoh, a sleepaway camp in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, where a college classmate and friend of mine is now a co-director. While Camp Watitoh is coed, it has separate campus areas for boys and girls. I arrived a bit worn out from a red-eye flight and the subsequent drive, but became immediately energized by lush green playing fields filled with enthusiastic campers.