Child Protection Improvements Act - Reintroduced! Advocate Today

The Child Protection Improvements Act (S. 2332, H.R. 4073) has been reintroduced into Congress. This bill closes a gaping hole in the federal law regarding youth-serving organization's access to FBI background checks.

ACA Standards That Relate to Staff Screening, Supervision, and Training

The health and safety of campers is of utmost importance to the American Camp Association. Because of this, there are several standards that specifically address staff screening, supervision ratios, and topics to be covered during staff training. While there is no “silver bullet” to protect campers from abuse, ACA believes a systematic, multi-prong approach produces the desired outcome of camper protection. The following list is only a partial list of the ACA standards a camp must meet in order to be accredited. 

Top 10 Considerations Suggested if Sexual Abuse Is Alleged Against a Camp Director

An occupational hazard of working with children in any congregate care program including camps could create this unfortunate reality. Given the current issues of allegations against university staff, clerics of all religions, local professional caregivers, and the range of top level personnel, it becomes essential to think through this possibility and be prepared should an allegation surface.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Critical Role of Parents

Hypothesis: "The fight against child molesters begins by parents teaching their children."